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Web-based services without Internet

Voice for Good's mission is to use the world's most widely-available instant communication technology - a basic phone call - to unlock the benefits of web-based services for over 2bn of the world's poorest people.

Instant information for all

In the fast-moving and volatile world that we live in today, the ability to access up-to-date, interactive information is key. For many in the developed world, browsing the Internet and hopping between apps are daily activities that we could barely imagine society without. Here are just some of the main areas that would look very different if we didn't have this access.


Not knowing where the nearest healtcare centre is located and the inability to research and perform initial symptom assessments for yourself or your family. Understanding the risks of activities like smoking and exposure to hazardous materials.

Education & Training 

For students, static, potentially outdated curriculum limited by availability of physical textbooks. For everyone, limited ability to upskill outside of employment and generally discover and choose what to be educated on.

Government & NGO Services

Difficulty in discovering and applying for available benefits and services. Lack of clarity over rights and visibility of local and national government plans. Inability to research and evaluate political candidates.


News; Wikipedia; Business tools; Insurance; eCommerce; Communities for marginalised people; Banking; Social communication; Event ticketing; Classified ads; Democratic coordination and much more.


Introducing Vocodo

Vocodo is Voice for Good's voice-powered technology platform. Users access Vocodo by dialing a local-rate phone number in their country and then communicate with menus and services using natural voice. The services enabled by the platform are powered by modern, intelligent systems built primarily for the developed world by a variety of tech companies. Vocodo unlocks the power of these services for those without Internet in a variety of languages.

Vocodo Tranlsate & Vocodo Health


The first service built on the Vocodo platform is Vocodo Translate, featuring 2-way translation between 15 languages. Amongst other uses, this offers language assistance to travellers in rural locations and enables face-to-face conversation where no common languages are spoken.

Coming soon is Vocodo Health - a medical assessment and triage service that takes the form of an AI-driven patient interview. We are currently in discussions with an international healthcare NGO regarding initial field trials of this service, to assist local doctors.

Please get in touch if you would like to discuss potential collaboration on a future service.

15 languages and counting

Both the Vocodo platform and Vocodo Translate service currently support the following languages, with more on the way. Dialect and accent localisation varies per language.

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